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Your Consultant is April Glass

My Story

Hey Y'all....I'm April(or Opal as most people call me)! I am the wife of a Texas State Trooper, mom to two amazing teenage daughters, three fur cats and 6 chickens. I have an in-home daycare that I have been blessed with for 10 years. I came across Scentsy 7years ago in the church nursery. Someone had bought a Weave Green plug in and put it in the nursery and the aroma of Camu Camu FILLED the AIR(❤️)! I FELL IN LOVE!!! I found the lady who sold it, ordered two plug ins and Camu Camu, Sugar, Blueberry Cheesecake, Coconut Lemongrass, Flirtatious and Watermelon Patch(I remember just like it was yesterday)! My order arrived and I was like WOW.....where has this been all of my life?!? I have always LOVED candles BUT with having fur babies that for some reason love to sniff the flame...I couldn't "burn" them very often . Not to mention that "fire" wasn't safe for my daycare babies either.  Soooo ....I bought a Scentsy starter kit,not to make money, friends or anything for that matter...I just like candles...none of the other crossed my mind. I had already tried it and was like...hmmm..this is nice..I like this. I looked it up and thought again...hmmm...99bucks...I can do this! I mean HEY...look at all those testers I can warm(80 different scents...#candleheavenyall)!😉 Little did I know just a few short weeks later I would have my FIRST sale(WHATTTTTY?)! A couple of more weeks went by and #bam I had my first recruit..I am now a LEAD consultant(holy clam shells)! The next month....another recruit and I was a STAR consultant and rocking right along and I was a SUPERSTAR! I am a Director🌟!😉    It's AMAZING how something as small as a candle can change your life. Scentsy has SO much more to offer than just a candle! I would LOVE to share more of my story and what Scentsy has to offer! If you haven't tried it, shoot me an email ..I'll send you a sample. Your home, clothes, car, body, and even your KIDS can now smell FABULOUS!    Contact me if you have any questions! I would LOVE to help you out!!      SMILES..... April